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Arthur and Vikki Anderson

April 2011

Dear Colorado State-

ShaylieIn October of 2009 we received the horrifying news that our sweet baby girl had cancer. She wasn’t even two yet. As devastating as that was, we got busy right away trying to figure out what to do. We contacted the closet university to us that specialized in veterinary medicine, but they were too busy to help us. After more research we found Colorado State University is a specialist in veterinary cancer through the Animal Cancer Center. Your staff was very helpful, everyone wanted to give our Shaylie the best you have to offer. I’d like to specifically thank
Kathy Paris, the consult coordinator and
Dr. Clara Goh, Shaylie’s clinician, for their help and compassion during such a difficult time. After consulting with your staff, it was decided that amputation would be the best course of action. Due to the fact that she had bone cancer, if her life expectancy was to be six months, this was the fastest healing surgery we could opt for. After they biopsied the tumor, we found it was a chondrosarcoma.

While we don’t know how long we will have the privilege of having her, we have celebrated her third birthday, taken her to Splash Dogs (although she did not jump) and continue to make every day special for all of us.

Please accept our donation on behalf of all dogs that needed your invaluable research and hopefully one day we can cure cancer for both us and our canine companions.



Arthur & Vikki Anderson (& Shaylie too!)


Share Your ACC Experience  |  Printer Friendly Page  |  View all Comments