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January 2013

Dear Flint Animal Cancer Center-

ScoutThank you so much for your follow up. I am sorry to let you know that our Scout left us on Dec 28th. She was happy and in seemingly great health right up to the end. We had intentions of getting her to an oncologist if her condition showed signs of deteriorating but as it involved a long ferry/car ride to Burlington, VT or 6 hour drive in the car to NYC we didn't want to put her through that unless we deemed it absolutely necessary. Our goal this past year has always been to keep her as comfortable and happy as possible.

There was a blizzard upstate over the holidays and she was playing and leaping through the drifts of snow when suddenly she stopped and could go no further. She could not catch her breath, in hindsight almost as if one of her lungs had collapsed. She hadn't shown signs of labored breathing before, maybe just a bit of fatigue and the occasional cough (which we attributed to the lab flap in her throat as it was very infrequent).

We took her to the vet but as she was suffering so hard to breathe and there was probably little to be done we had to make the hard choice. It happened quite sudden but we were happy to be there, the whole family, and we're thankful she didn't suffer long.

That being said, we were not prepared for the grief of losing our first daughter, 15 yrs old, our inspiration to get married and the one who taught us enough patience to eventually have kids. It's been a hard couple of weeks.

We really credit you and your wonderful staff for adding an additional 15 months to her life, when we were originally told that she would only live 3-6 months after diagnosis. After your radiation treatment it was if the growth slowed and she got a new lease on life. She frolicked and ran like a puppy on her leg and rolled in the grass and sand during her retirement this last year.

When we return to Colorado we plan on purchasing a stone in your courtyard outside your cancer center for our sweet Scout. Thank you for your support and for all you do.

- Zerges Family



Share Your ACC Experience  |  Printer Friendly Page  |  View all Comments