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March 2013

Dear CSU Friends-

SammyAs you know, we lost our beloved black lab, Sammy. But your tireless efforts gave us an extra 4 ½ years of great, quality time with her. We hope you can see the light in her eyes in the portrait we’ve enclosed. She really did live a terrific tripod’s life!

We are writing to thank you for the care you’ve shown both Sam and us at every turn. Because of you and our CSU-trained vet, Dr. Schuff, she got to be an “old lady”…

You make us know we were doing the right thing when she had her surgery. Or Nurse Mary checked on us so often and with such genuine care. And when we had to let her go, you offered us such earnest condolences. Dr. Worley, thank you for your call, your skills, your dedication. Thank you all for the book, too.

Will you treat us when we fall ill? Your care should be the model for all creatures even as humans!

We hope Sammy’s story and portrait inspire others when they need it.


With heartfelt gratitude,

Mike and Carol


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A poem from Sammy to Papa
Christmas 2012

SammyDevotion defined my every moment’s thought.
What, my eyes would beseech, can right now be brought?
Or was it just my company you needed me to share?
My soft fur eager lick, and gaze up to your chair?

But could it have been something more that I fulfilled for you?
Something deeper, something beyond what either of us knew?
A two-way comfort zone, safe harbor and true home…
Love without question; just answers unspoken yet known.

I always tried to show my gratitude for a life so rich and complete.
My tail wagged whenever you neared, signaling joy in every beat.
Hikes and fishing and camping were great, of course.
But it was your kind hand always at the ready that your love enforced.

Did I do a god job, Papa? – was my only worry.
Did I always respond in enough of a hurry?
Disappointing you was never an option.
It’s why I stayed here so long after my adoption.

I trusted you ever step of the way – even when I was missing a limb!
You read my mind, knew my needs; my faith never ever dimmed.
I wasn’t afraid of dying – I knew my time was at last finished.
I just didn’t want to leave you feeling diminished.

What can I tell you that will bring you comfort?
It was my job while alive and now I am still stalwart.
I want to remember you, Papa, that you gave me the best possible life.
And now I am at piece with nary a strife.

Your faithfully forever,