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Kristine and Lynn Newman

May 2011

Dear Drs. LaRue and Selmic,

PiddIt has been six weeks since we came to you for treatment of Pidd’s cancer. We are deeply grateful for the extraordinary care you gave him, and for the kindness and compassion you showed us while we were there. When we arrived it was difficult for us to face his dire condition, but we knew that if there was a way to help him you would find it.

We’ve held off writing to you until we had something significant to report and now we do! You’ll be happy to know that Pidd’s response to his treatment has been swift and dramatic. Within days of our arrival home he was free of pain and his tumor began to shrink. Now five weeks later, we cannot see or feel the tumor at all. Let’s just hope the internal part of the tumor took an equal beating from the stereotactic radiation therapy.

Pidd is happier and more himself now than he’s been in eight months. He no longer hides under the bed covers and in the past two weeks he has been out exploring and even playing. Today for the first time in months, he climbed the stairs! If you didn’t know better, you would never believe that he had been sick.

The results we’re seeing from Pidd’s treatment are nothing short of miraculous. But the truth is, we attribute the miracle to you and the dedication shown by all the doctors at the CSU Animal Cancer Center. Your paramount concern and care for animals and your determination to find the most advanced treatment options for cancer is what makes you the doctors we seek out when we want the very best chance for our animals to survive.

I’m not sure if we shared with you how much Pidd is an inspiration to people, but he has an extensive base of love and support from family and friends. As a result of Pidd’s treatment with you, the CSU Animal Cancer Center has many new fans and supporters.

Pidd received his first dose of Doxorubicin two week ago and so far has had no ill effects from the treatment. According to his blood work his kidneys are handling it well. He will have three more treatments, three weeks apart. We know you are in communication with Dr. Gillings about Pidd and we will continue to keep you posted too.

Thank you for giving us these precious moments with our beloved boy, Pidd.


Share Your ACC Experience  |  Printer Friendly Page  |  View all Comments