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Rodney Moore

In loving memory of Kodi.

January 2011

KodiKodi came into our lives at the age of five when my wife and I adopted him while volunteering for a dog rescue. Until the time he joined our family, all Kodi had known was a backyard without any trees or anyone to play with except for an occasional outing. When we brought him home, he turned into a puppy – everything was new and a little scary. We had to teach him what it meant to be inside and how wonderful it was to be loved. Kodi adjusted quickly, forgot how he was treated in the past and became very loving, affectionate and appreciative of his new life. He soon became everyone's favorite dog for both family and friends.

After a couple if wonderful years, Kodi experienced a new challenge in life – cancer. His right front leg had a tumor in the bone just above the joint in his paw. We made the trip to the Animal Cancer Center (ACC) at Colorado State University where Dr. Stephen Withrow was going to perform a limb spare surgery – meaning he would remove the tumor but not his leg. He also had chemotherapy as follow-up treatment. Kodi went for two years without any sign of the cancer and became a star patient of the ACC. Shortly thereafter the cancer did return, he had his bad days but always had a tail wag for some affection from us. At his death, Kodi's leg was removed and sent to CSU so Dr. Withrow could learn more from him and help other dogs and people as his research continues.

What Kodi does not know is that he became quite the inspiration for me. One year after we were at CSU, I was diagnosed with cancer. I later found out it was also treatable with chemotherapy. So, I figured that if Kodi can do it, so can I. At one year, he already past the milestone. He beat all the odds and in some way really helped me. Oddly enough, we even shared a common chemotherapy drug in our treatment. I am in remission now.

Kodi, you will always have a special place in my heart.


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