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Nicole Caputo


January 2011

Kenu was a bright ray of sunshine that lit our world every single day.

When we adopted her in 2007 she wasn’t in very good shape mentally. She would cower at the mere sight of our hand when we’d try to pet her. She ran in circles when she got scared, which was often. She wasn’t a very happy girl. We worked each day after we picked her up to earn her trust. The awesome thing about Kenu was that it didn’t take long, just a lot of patience and love. Slowly she started smiling again and before we knew it she was socializing with others, running well on leash, and was flat out happy and completely at peace. Early in the summer of 2010 we received the biopsy results of a weird growth on her lip and nose. What we thought was probably a simple infection caused by something outside turned out to be an aggressive tumor: a fibrosarcoma. Kenu’s positive attitude helped us decide to pursue treatment options. We called CSU Animal Cancer Center to set up a consultation appointment to talk about ways to make this crazy thing go away. We tried many options including radiation, major surgery and chemotherapy. Then the cancer spread to her lymph node, she had another surgery to remove the lymph node and finally a different type of chemotherapy. This tumor didn’t stop for anything. We tried for nearly eight months to get it to stop growing or even just slow down a little bit. Even though her cancer ended up winning, we know that Kenu’s experience will help save a dog, or human, in the future.

How do we know this? The CSU Animal Cancer Center is, simply put, the best there is. We are forever thankful of the entire CSU oncology team for giving Kenu the best chance possible and giving us hope that the next dog will have a greater chance to fight and win. This experience was probably the hardest thing we’ve ever had to experience with a pet. The remarkable people at CSU give us hope, the same hope that Kenu clung to the day we adopted her. We gave her a second chance at life and now she has the ability to give another dog a second chance because of people like Dr. Jenna Burton and the entire CSU oncology team and their commitment to research and education. Kenu's purpose: to love unconditionally and bring happiness to the world.  We ask that each person (dog lover or not) practice this each day.


Share Your ACC Experience  |  Printer Friendly Page  |  View all Comments