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Karla and Gene Lipp

May 2012

To Goldie's Caregiving Family at the CSU Animal Cancer Center:

GoldiePlease accept our heartfelt thanks for your wonderful care and your kindness to Goldie (and to us) during her final illness.

We were surprised and pleased when your lovely book, Dog Heaven, arrived. That you took the time to write notes, as well as to send something so very comforting, means a great deal to us. We are sure Goldie is in "dog heaven" now, happily running on all four good legs with her friends, waiting for us to join her. Goldie was a wonderful dog who gave us far more than we ever have to her.

The care she received at CSU is a model for what good care should look like for animals, as well as for people. You took the time to fully explain our treatment options for her, followed up with us at home and you were kind to her and to us. She never seemed reluctant to get in the car to make the trip to CSU.

On a personal note from Karla: As a breast cancer survivor, I am deeply grateful for the research you do in oncology. I want to thank you and Goldie for your work in advancing our understanding of this awful disease.

We miss Goldie every day but we take comfort in knowing that she had the best care right to the end and that she is once more her lovely self in "dog heaven".


With gratitude,

Karla & Gene Lipp (Moe, too)


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