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Theresa Arnold & Marty Taylor


June 2011

Chase was a wonderful guy that was in the Colorado Springs Humane Society when we met him. He was about 2 years old and very "misunderstood". He was fond of chewing couches when left inside and jumping fences when left penned in. Didn't anyone understand that he was an Australian Shepherd? Marty was called by a gal from the Aussie Rescue society and told him about Chase (his name was then Cash). Chase (Cash) was hours away from euthanization due to the number of days in the society. Marty rushed to the humane society to adopt him.

He was in the administration office lying by the ladies because he was not happy in the cages. He would not stop howling. Marty knew instantly that he was an extraordinary animal.

Chase loved his new home with us on the Gold Camp Road in Colorado Springs. No fences and no closed doors. He herded local deer and domestic cats. He had finally found a home that understood him.

Six years later in December of 2009, he was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. Our first visit to the CSU Animal Cancer Center was comforting and we knew that Chase would be taken care of. We had no idea of how well he would do or how fast he would spring back from the dreaded cancer that he had. The doctors were fabulous and knowledgeable.

View Chase playing and recovering from surgery.
Doing great, go Chase go!
High-Res and Low-Res videos available.

They loved Chase as they do all the special patients at CSU. Chase lived a wonderful 17 months after his surgery in January of 2010. CSU gave him those extra months and we are grateful.


Thank you, Doctors.

Thank you for Chase, Marty and I.


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