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Charlie Ray

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Kim Harring

Charlie Ray

January 2011

My boy Charlie Ray has been through 2 different types of cancer, and each time we have prevailed over the Big C! The first visit set the tone for our ongoing relationship with the CSU Animal Cancer Center, in a word, caring people.....OK so that's 2 words! I consider everyone we have met a true friend! Our initial consultation with Dr. Nicole Ehrhart was informative, educational, understanding and compassionate. She explained everything from what was going on in his body, to what our treatment options where, to possibilities moving forward. Charlie Ray had 2 ribs removed along with the mass, getting wide margins to insure "we got it all", Dr. Ehrhart gave him a very positive outcome. Charlie went through 6 chemotherapy treatments, at his side where his favorite people (besides his momma) at CSU. The nurses, Chris, Elizabeth and Mary who helped him through those treatments where saints in my eyes, they loved my boy like I do.

Charlie Ray wins, cancer lost! As his canine life went on he again was hit with another type of cancer, this one was different. It was located in 2 different areas, his lip and his neck. This cancer was more aggressive so there was no hesitation on consulting with CSU. With the guidance from the docs at CSU, my vet did the operation with great success. During his recovery and his chemo treatments the docs where always there for assistance, advice, and reassurance. Charlie Ray is again cancer free!! I cannot say enough about the people at CSU, they not only saved my boys life but helped us cope with everything during those trying times.


Share Your ACC Experience  |  Printer Friendly Page  |  View all Comments