Colorado State University Animal Cancer Center
Advancing Cancer Research
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The Administration at the CSU Animal Cancer Center is tasked with support of all operations including clinical service and research direction, development, accounting, consultation service and faculty, student, staff, technician and client support.

Animal Cancer Center Leadership

Dr. Rodney Page
Director, Animal Cancer Center
Professor, Medical Oncology
(970) 297-4175

Dr. Stephen Withrow
Associate Director, Animal Cancer Center
University Distinguished Professor
Stuart Chair in Oncology
Professor, Oncology Surgery
Chief Scientific Officer, Cancer Supercluster
(970) 297-4175

Lynda Reed
Assistant to the Director
Development contact at the Animal Cancer Center
(970) 297-4175

Dr. Susan Lana
Oncology Clinical Service Chief
(970) 297-4591

Elizabeth Atencio
Lead Oncology Nurse
(970) 297-4070

Dr. Dan Gustafson
Director of Research, Animal Cancer Center
Associate Professor, Pharmacology
(970) 297-1278

Dr. Christine Hardy
Director of Operations
(970) 297-5012

Pam Jones
Executive Director of Development
College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
(970) 491-3932

Leesa Huffaker
Grants Manager
(970) 297-1277

Sandra Larson
Oncology Client Coordinator
(970) 297-4068

Karen Waldchen
Administrative Assistant
(970) 297-4253

Cancer Supercluster Team

Dr. Terry Opgenorth
Chief Operating Officer
(970) 297-5100

Dr. Steve Withrow
Chief Scientific Officer
(970) 297-4175

Stephen Foster
Director, Business Development
(970) 297-1276