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CSU Animal Cancer Center Clinical Trial

Patient Disease:
Canine Malignant Neoplasia

Study Name:
Phase I Evaluation of Auranofin in Dogs with Malignant Neoplasia

Purpose of the study:

  • Auranofin is a gold compound recently found to have anti-cancer effects in the laboratory setting
  • The goal is to determine the oral dosage of auranofin that will be tolerated by dogs and allow for adequate concentrations in the blood stream and the tumor in dogs with malignant tumors.

Primary Eligibility Criteria:

  • Systemically healthy dogs, without severe concurrent disease (assessed by physical exam and initial screening tests)
  • Identifiable, measurable, malignant mass that is accessible for biopsies
  • Naïve or relapsed disease 
  • Prior therapy is allowed with a washout period from surgery or chemotherapy (2 weeks) and radiation therapy (6 weeks)

Study Protocol:

  • Initial screening to determine eligibility (physical exam, bloodwork, chest x-rays)
  • Once enrolled, a whole body PET/CT scan (under anesthesia) will be done prior to starting treatment
  • Enrolled dogs will have auranofin, administered twice daily at home by mouth.
  • Tumor biopsies and aspirates will be obtained pre-treatment, 24 hours after the first dose, and on day 7 of the study
  • Dogs will be monitored every 2 weeks with physical exams, lab testing (CBC, biochemistry panel, urinalysis, study bloods)
  • A PET/CT scan will be rechecked after six weeks of treatment with auranofin
  • Dogs can continue the study until there is progression of the tumor

Owner Responsibilities:

  • To administer medications as prescribed
  • To make and keep all appointments of the study protocol

Financial Incentives:

  • Study pays for study procedures (PET/CT, biopsies, exam fees, bloodwork, cost of drug)
  • $750.00 credit to VTH account on completion of the study for further treatment of your pet

If you have further questions about any of our clinical trials, Please either login or sign up to submit a consulting form. Your consult will then be directed to an appropriate oncology clinician. Requests are typically returned within 5 business days