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Patient Care

Dr. Nicole EhrhartThe Colorado State University Flint Animal Cancer Center (FACC) is located at the James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Fort Collins, Colorado. The FACC is world renowned as the leading center for veterinary cancer diagnostics, treatment and research. Our full integrated team of cancer specialists aims to help owners navigate through the diagnosis and subsequent treatment plans for their canine and feline companions. A multidisciplinary approach is used to evaluate and treat all patients. The clinical team meets to discuss every patient’s diagnostic findings, treatment strategies, and clinical trial options. This results in the development of a unique and comprehensive treatment plan for each patient that can include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, a combination of treatments or conservative monitoring and palliative care. Pain management is always a top priority in the clinical management of patients. The FACC team is committed to meeting the needs and expectations of our owners by offering comprehensive diagnostics, treatment options, communication, emotional support and follow-up care.

At CSU Flint Animal Cancer Center, science and medicine converge as the latest research is transferred directly to the patient. Clinical trials and research studies are available for some patients that are under the care of FACC veterinary oncologists. Clients at the ACC can feel confident that they will receive the highest level of clinical care from our veterinarians, nurses, and staff and have access to the most innovative cancer treatments available anywhere in veterinary medicine.