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Because Cancer Affects Both People and Pets... Introducing One Cure

OneCureOne Cure is a new initiative founded on the principle that cancer affects all creatures and that treatment breakthroughs come through collaboration between scientists and doctors who are working with both people and animals.

Our hope is that many join in our efforts to eradicate cancer in people and pets through a charitable gift to One Cure.

All charitable gifts to One Cure will benefit the clinical trials program at CSU Flint Animal Cancer Center.

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Your Gift to One Cure

Your gift to support this research helps all cancer patients - animal and human.

Join us. Together, we can give hope. Together, we can find a cure.

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Progress in the fight against cancer requires knowledge gained from both laboratory and clinical research, which comes together in clinical trials. These studies aim to bring new, promising treatments to cancer patients with the goal of improving outcomes and reducing side effects. At the FACC, we see more than 1500 new cancer patients every year. Annually, about 400 patients enroll in these carefully-monitored clinical trials, each one specific for their cancer type. These canine and feline patients are pioneers in cancer research, helping us move cutting-edge treatments off the laboratory bench and into clinical practice; providing hope to the next generation of animal and human cancer patients.

Emmy's Story
EmmyWhen Emmy was diagnosed with bone cancer, the FACC was conducting a limb-sparing clinical trial that she fit into. It involved a gene therapy they were investigating for use in children with bone cancer. Emmy would undergo a bone biopsy and would receive the therapy directly into the tumor site.
Learn more about Emmy's amazing story...


These discoveries also help kids like Emily...

Emily Brown's Story
Emily BrownEmily Brown, a Colorado Springs native, was diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma (bone cancer) in her spine when she was 10 years old. Her story is unique in that her treatment involved the collaboration of veterinary and human oncologists. Having run out of treatment options, Emily's medical team contacted Dr. Stephen Withrow at the FACC, searching for hope. A new treatment, developed for dogs with bone cancer, showed promise for Emily and was given on a compassionate-use basis. She believes it saved her life.
Learn more about Emily's amazing journey...


Bogey's Story
BogeyBack home after radiation therapy treatment, a determined owner started Bogey on a slow, carefully monitored regimen of exercise, physiotherapy, and acupuncture, watching for any sign of pain or fatigue. Man and dog took life one day at a time, living only in the present and trusting completely in each other.
Learn more about Bogey's amazing story...


Elway's Story
ElwayElway came to the FACC in October of 2010 for treatment of the cancer in his spine. He had endured a couple of surgeries in Tacoma, WA in hopes of saving his life. Unfortunately, the cancer spread and we brought him to the FACC in hopes of buying him more time and good quality of life.
Learn more about Elway's amazing story...


Jake's Story
JakeJake's owner noticed a small lump near his left wrist, the diagnosis was cancer. Jake and his owners enjoyed nearly two more years of adventures thanks to their enrollment in a clinical trial.
Learn more about Jake's amazing story...


give now

Your Gift to One Cure
Your gift to support this research helps all cancer patients - animal and human. One Cure