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About CSU Flint Animal Cancer Center's One Cure Initiative

Cancer is cancer.  Because it’s the same disease, what is learned in pets being treated for cancer holds promise to also benefit people, and vice versa. This approach is known as comparative oncology and is the core of the One Cure concept. Furthermore, treatment breakthroughs come through collaboration between scientists and doctors who are working with both people and pets.  

Our hope is that many join in our efforts to eradicate cancer in people and pets through a charitable donation to One Cure. Your gift to One Cure will benefit the clinical trials program at the CSU Flint Animal Cancer Center. This program aims to advance the treatment of cancer in animals as well as people. Because cancer doesn’t care if you have 2 legs or 4. 

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Animal Cancer Center Partners with Tony Stewart Foundation on Team One Cure

Team One Cure, a new initiative from the Flint Animal Cancer Center at Colorado State University and The Tony Stewart Foundation, competed in the 101st running of the Indianapolis 500 on May 28 with driver Jay Howard.

The announcement comes on the heels of the launch earlier this year of Team One Cure, which will help raise awareness of, enthusiasm for and understanding about treatment breakthroughs that come through collaboration between scientists and doctors who are working with people and animals to fight cancer. 

“We need a new way to race for potential cures to cancer, and pets may provide the answer,” said Dr. Rodney Page, director of the Flint Animal Cancer Center, describing the concept of comparative oncology, or how human and animal doctors are working together to beat cancer.

“Partnering with the Tony Stewart Foundation on Team One Cure is a start to helping many people understand that cancer occurs in pets in a similar rate to humans, and that it occurs naturally," he said. "Cancer is cancer, so what is learned in pets being treated for cancer holds promise to also benefit people, and vice versa."

Hard-driving three-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion Tony Stewart is a self-proclaimed “softie” for children and animals, especially those facing serious illness. Introduced last fall to the cutting-edge research and clinical trials at CSU's Flint Animal Cancer Center, Stewart quickly recognized that every once in a while, a project comes along that cannot be ignored, especially one that offers cancer treatments for people and pets alike. 

Combining his passion for racing with the mission of his foundation, Stewart challenged his staff to find a unique delivery method to create awareness, enthusiasm and understanding regarding comparative oncology through a newly formed Team One Cure. "Participating in this year’s race with Jay Howard through Team One Cure, we will be making a difference in both the 500 and the race against cancer,” he said.

Howard, who hails from Basildon, England, has long been considered a “driver’s driver." He claimed the 2005 U.S. Formula Ford Zetec Championship and Rookie of the Year award in his first year racing in the United States. In 2006, while driving for Schmidt Peterson Motorsports, he won Indy Lights, part of a racing series that serves as a development program for many of today's top drivers. He qualified for his first Indy 500 in 2011.  

“I can’t begin to tell you how honored I am to have this opportunity,” said Howard. “I’m not one to give up on a dream, and I have every bit of determination to make this a successful effort for Tony, Team One Cure and Schmidt Peterson Motorsports. I’m in the best condition both mentally and physically, and my race craft is on point.”

For more information on the Team One Cure program, please visit The Tony Stewart Foundation website.

Our Unique Partnership With Danica Patrick and Stewart-Haas Racing

To create awareness of the Flint Animal Cancer Center and its groundbreaking work in comparative oncology, Patrick’s car featured One Cure at the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series races May 13 at Kansas Speedway, May 20 at Charlotte (N.C.) Motor Speedway’s Monster Energy Open and it will feature One Cure on August 19 at Bristol (Tenn.) Motor Speedway.

Stewart-Haas Racing donated proceeds from sales of Patrick’s Dallas dogs – plush replicas of her own miniature Siberian Husky – throughout the month of May and Patrick made a matching gift to One Cure. Code 3 Associates is also providing the opportunity for One Cure to be the main logo on Patrick’s #10 car for Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race, a race in the Monstor Energy NASCAR Cup Series, in Bristol TN on August 19, 2017.

Racing for One Cure

One Cure is an initiative all about speeding new and promising treatments to all cancer patients - pets and people. Cancer is cancer regardless of if it occurs in a patient with 4 legs or 2. Comparative oncology - the study of cancer in pets and people to benefit all species - is the founding principle behind the One Cure initiative. It may well be that the answer to cancer may have been walking beside us for all this time.

CSU documentary explores comparative oncology

Colorado State University, with support from Flint Animal Cancer Center, produced a documentary, titled "The Answer to Cancer May be Walking Right Beside Us," which aired on Rocky Mountain PBS in fall 2016. Check local listings for additional broadcasts.

Read more about the One Cure Initiative.