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Nikki Roatch

Clinical Trials Coordinator

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Dr. Nikki RoatchI earned my BA and MA degrees in Biological Anthropology and focused my research on primate behavior and ecology. Inspired by the work of Dian Fossey and Jane Goodall, I wanted to combine my love of animals and interest in science and pursue a career in the biological sciences.

Before joining the clinical trials team at Colorado State University, I worked on several primatology projects. Among them, I worked in Costa Rica on a population survey of howler monkeys to assess how this species adapted to the fragmentation of their habitat. I also joined a project in Malaysian Borneo and worked with two nocturnal primates, the loris and tarsier. The purpose of this project was to assess how fragmentation of forest habitats by palm oil plantations affected their behavior and to see if it drove interspecies competition.

I also worked for a non-profit organization for children with autism spectrum disorder. I worked in a lab on a biomarkers project in order to determine what factors influence the development of autism. With that information, the hope is to develop earlier intervention, diagnostic, and treatment options for children on the spectrum.

Wanting to return to working with animals and continue to build upon my research background, I joined Colorado State University’s Flint Animal Cancer Center in the spring of 2015. I have really found my niche here as it combines my passion for science and my interest in working with and on behalf of animals. Cancer, like for so many people, has heavily affected my family and I value the translational research we are doing to help both our companion animals and people. I thrive in this environment of teaching, service and learning. I also love meeting all of the wonderful companion animals and their devoted guardians here at CSU.

When not at the hospital, I am enjoying all of the wonderful outdoor opportunities Colorado has to offer.


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