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Kari's Story

KariKari, a female Golden Retriever, was a pioneer in the development of a new cancer chemotherapy protocol. She was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma, a type of cancer occurring in blood vessels, on her left kidney in early 2005. At the time of this diagnosis the cancer had already spread to her lungs. Veterinarians thought she would only live days to weeks and there were no proven ways to treat her condition. The Colorado State University team of oncologists proposed a new chemotherapy protocol and to the delight of her owner and the oncology team the treatment earned her several months of good quality life. Kari’s treatment has since helped many more dogs with the same disease.

As a businessman, Kari’s owner recognizes the success of the Flint Animal Cancer Center and has pledged matching dollars up to $4 million to establish Kari’s fund, an endowment that will secure the future of the Center by supporting the annual operational costs.

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