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Consult Service

Our online consult service helps with general questions about cancer in pets and oncology care available at CSU, including our clinical trials. Your consult will be directed to a Lucy Oncology Clinic team member for review and response within 5 business days.
Pet Owners please note: Consult calls with pet owners are restricted by law to solely address general questions such as typical treatments and outcomes for different cancer types. Because we don't have an active veterinarian-client-patient relationship with you (we have not examined your pet) we cannot provide comprehensive record reviews or second opinions specific to your pet. If you seek an individualized care plan for your pet, we recommend that you make an appointment to see us or another veterinary oncology provider.

Pet Owners

The answer to your question(s) may be on our website or another resource! Please see the following helpful links:
Find a veterinary cancer veterinary specialist near you: Veterinary Cancer Society
Book an oncology new patient appointment with us: Appointments
Preparing for your pet's first oncology appointment with us: Preparing for Visit
Clinical Trials at our Lucy Oncology Clinic: Available Clinical Trials
CSU Veterinary Hospital 24/7 Emergency and Urgent Care Services

Online Consulting Form

Flint Animal Cancer Center's consult service helps pet owners and veterinarians from all over the US and world. In fact, we answer 3000+ requests each year! We do not charge for this service, but appreciate donations to help sustain this valuable outreach.

If you would like to help support the consult service, please make a contribution to Carmen's Legacy.

Learn more about Carmen's story...