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CSU Animal Cancer Center 
Clinical Trial Testimonials

Below are testimonials written by owners whose pets have participated in Clinical Trials through the CSU Flint Animal Cancer Center.


"Since joining the MCT clinical trial, Bo's life, as well as ours, has improved more than we could have ever hoped for!  After three significant surgeries and twelve tumors, we are thrilled to watch our beloved hound live comfortably and happily every day…The staff at CSU is beyond exceptional.  We are so blessed to have found a group of people who love Bo just as much as we do." -Katie


"Our experiences have been nothing but wonderful all because of the caring and expert staff we have met over the last 5 years. Back in 2010, Bow, our yellow Lab, was fortunate to enter the clinical trials when he was diagnosed with Mast Cell tumors. After three rounds of radiation and a year of chemo, Bow was cancer free. Bow will be turning 13 on August 3rd. Every day with him is a bonus, and we cannot thank the FACC enough for the care over the years." - Nancy & Larry


"Daisy was referred to the CSU Clinical Trials Center after a visit to our regular veterinarian and diagnosis of lymphoma. We elected to go forward with a trial that would require Daisy to stay at the hospital for 6 days. I can't thank the staff enough for allowing us the opportunity to help find a cure and giving us extended time with our 4-legged kiddo that would not have been possible without the compassion, support and clinical trials available. Daisy is as happy as ever and ecstatic when we pull in the parking lot because she knows she has the most friendly and wonderful friends waiting to see her!" - Julie & Dan


"When we first brought Indy, our Australian Shepherd to CSU to learn about the Cancer center and clinical trials we knew nothing about canine cancer. I was immediately impressed with the genuine empathy that the entire staff had for our situation. I think the thing that struck me most and still does to this day was how passionate everyone at the hospital is about their work, there is a naturally revolving door of students and we worked with various doctors throughout the clinical trial and subsequent chemo treatment. Everyone was a pleasure to work with! Thank you CSU and all your amazing staff!" - Aaron & Lindsey


"Max and I have been doing clinical trials going on 8 months now. Without these trials or care from the CSU Staff, Max wouldn't still be here with us today. For all their help and support, my family is extremely grateful. The CSU Animal Cancer Center and all the staff are friendly, knowledgeable and very caring. They bring hope and faith by keeping Max in remission and make dealing with the overwhelming issues of cancer a little less stressful. We are eternally grateful for that." - Kathy & Family


"Every aspect of our CSU FACC clinical trials experience exceeded our expectations. The clinical trials and center staff went out of their way to accommodate our visits from Alaska on very short notice. Odin and his treatment were given first priority. The clinical trials staff took great care of him and he enjoyed his visits and all the new friends he made there. We’ve never been in a medical facility, for animals or humans, where operations were so well run and staff were so passionate about their work. Our heartfelt recommendation is to make CSU FACC your first choice for consultation and treatment of your loved one!" - Brendan & Rebecca


"Prince was a special black Lab who participated in a Malignant Melanoma study at the CSU FACC. We really enjoyed the results achieved with Prince, and the way they treated our dog. They always explained what would happen, the possible side effects, and followed up with us on next appointments, efficacy of medications and all other elements of care. In the past, Prince was very apprehensive when he went to the vet, but he never seemed to have a fearful reaction when he went to the CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Perhaps it was the love showed to him when he was there. Thank you again for making Prince feel like a king!" - Peter 


"After being involved with the clinical trials program, we couldn't be more happy with the outcome! Ruby handled the chemo like a champ, and the staff that took care of her are the best! They made sure all of our questions and concerns were answered. We know the lymphoma will eventually come back, but this trial has given us more time with our girl and for that we are truly grateful.  Thank you for letting us be a part of this." - Jim & Michelle


"My female Rottweiler, Ruby, was diagnosed with bone cancer in her left shoulder on June 6, 2010. Our local veterinarian referred us to CSU Animal Cancer Center. The facility immediately impressed me and the staff could not have been more professional, caring, and truthful about her prognosis. Ruby was eligible for clinical trials of targeted radiation as we decided not to opt for amputation due to her age. These trials, provided largely at no-charge, and subsequent chemotherapy gave me an additional, reasonably healthy nine months with my Big Girl. I highly recommend this facility and staff." - Michael


"I want to send a great, big thank you to the caring staff. Starting with the initial diagnosis from our local vet, informing us that our beloved Sassy had no more than thirty days remaining, due to skin cancer, we were offered the possibility of getting her accepted in to a clinical trials program at CSU. She went through the chemo process, becoming quite ill at times. But then, after a few months she started to improve and the cancer was in remission! Now, several years have passed and she is back to her former loving self, albeit a little older. (She is fourteen now, and a little grayer, and so are we.) Thank you all very much." - Sassy & Family


"Tilda was a German Shorthair/Bloodhound mix who was a delightful girl bubbling with personality and love. We adopted her from the Longmont Humane Society and shortly thereafter she became a registered Therapy Dog visiting at four hospitals in Boulder County, Colorado…One day during a routine vet visit, they found a suspicious bump. We quickly took her to CSU, where they confirmed the diagnosis and established the stage and grade. Tilda was offered to enroll in a clinical trial for Mast Cell Tumors and it ended up prolonging her life and slowed things down enough that we could enjoy an entire summer with her. Those hours spent with her are unforgettable and those memories will be with me forever. The staff, doctors and students helping Tilda are simply the best of the best. They were always very concerning, helpful, courteous and understanding." - Daryl

If you have further questions about any of our clinical trials, Please either login or sign up to submit a consulting form. Your consult will then be directed to an appropriate oncology clinician. Requests are typically returned within 5 business days