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Dr. Beatrix Jenei

Radiation Oncology Resident

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Dr. Beatrix Jenei

I grew up in Hungary, in the small town of Kalocsa (Ka-LO-cha), near my grandparents' farm. Spending so much time at their farm allowed me to grow up appreciating nature as well as the company of both domestic and farm animals. My parents were in medical and engineering fields, but none of these particularly fascinated me enough to make it a career path. I knew at a young age that I wanted a career caring for animals. Even my friends at the time recognized my passion and often brought me injured animals that needed help.

After completing high school, my father, who was working in the United States at the time, wisely suggested I consider completing a university program in the U.S. This could help improve my English and further my career wherever it may take me. I enrolled in a biological science program at the University of Maryland. While completing my degree, I volunteered many hours at the Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory in the Maryland Department of Agriculture. I worked in the bacteriology and virology laboratories while also gaining experience with necropsies. These experiences would all be part of my career as a veterinarian.  

When I was accepted into the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in Blacksburg, Va., I felt very much at home. Blacksburg is a beautiful place to live and study, reminding me of my hometown of Kalocsa.

I loved everything about veterinary school, so much so that it was difficult to decide on a specialty. We had little exposure to oncology in school. However, I saw many cases during my first year as a veterinarian at Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston, Mass. I gained more experience with oncology cases after joining the staff at a large, busy VCA hospital in Las Vegas, Nev. 

Although we had a considerable oncology caseload, patients requiring radiation therapy were referred out-of-state because this modality was not offered at our facility. This piqued my interest in the field, and I quickly grew to appreciate its importance as a treatment modality for oncology patients.

Concurrently, the corporate headquarters for VCA Animal Hospitals also recognized the need to offer radiation therapy for their patients. As such, I was chosen among many other qualified veterinarians at VCA hospitals to pursue a sponsored residency program at the prestigious Flint Animal Cancer Center.

I am thrilled to be sharing clinical work, research opportunities, and learning from some of the finest and most skilled individuals in the field of veterinary oncology. Working with medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists at the Flint Animal Cancer Center promotes the best form of medicine and allows tailored treatment plans for individual patients. While, we cannot always achieve a complete cure, I take pride in being able to offer our patients the best possible treatment options. In addition to providing patients with the best quality care for as long as possible, my personal goal is to provide reassurance to our patients’ families. 

I try to maintain a positive work-life balance. When I am not at the hospital, I am spending time with my husband and our daughter, Clara. She just started preschool, so everything in the world is new and exciting to her!  We love to explore the outdoors—she loves nature and loves animals as much as I do—and enjoy the many pleasures Fort Collins and Colorado has to offer.

We have a sweet-natured, ten year-old Great Dane named Adi and two old cats named Fulesh and Luka. They all get along extremely well in our happy little family.

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