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Anesthesia and Pain Management

Our team of board-certified anesthesiologists and highly trained anesthesia technicians exists to provide safe, optimal conditions for your pet during every moment of a surgery and to make operative procedures and postoperative care as comfortable as possible for your pet. Learn more...

Every anesthetic or pain management case is considered of major importance. Our team is constantly on guard for changes in respiratory and cardiovascular activity, or unexpected events which, although rare, may occur during surgery.

What Do We Do?
We provide anesthesia and pain management tailored to each individual patient, with the goal of facilitating diagnostic and surgical procedures for large, small and exotic animals. We are equipped and trained to monitor your animal throughout many stages of care, including:

  • Preanesthetic evaluation and treatment
  • Medical management of patients and their anesthetic procedures
  • Postanesthetic evaluation and treatment
  • Management of post surgical pain, as well as pain associated with other medical situations
  • Management of chronic pain

What is Anesthesia?
Anesthesia is a complete or partial loss of physical sensation. While under certain types of anesthesia your pet is unconcious, which is why they undergo continuous physiolgical monitoring to ensure safety.

What is Pain Management?
Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience (a perception) that elicits protective motor actions, and is capable of modifying species-specific behavior, including social behavior. Pain management is an approach to reducing pain and suffering associated with post operative patients or patients in other medical situations.